Guest Reviews

Our previous guests have been kind enough to let others share their Timberwolf fishing and vacation experiences on Nagagami Lake.

Fishing Trip of a life time !

by Lynn Mills

Just a quick note to let you know what a great time we had last year at Timberwolf. We have all been to other outfitters but NONE have the level of quality that you have managed to obtain. Your hospitality is second to none. Bringing coffee to our rooms in the morning with your wake up call, meeting us on the dock each and every time we come in off the lake, cleaning the boats, restocking the bait, and refueling the motors are just a few of the many things you do on a continuous basis. Not to mention the awesome meals that you prepare!!! The cooking that comes out of that kitchen is better than at home. Now if you can imagine, I’d also like to mention THE FISHING!!!! Last year on a 4 day trip the 8 of us reeled in 399 fish …..399 Fish!!!! I had 80 of my own!! Mostly Walleye with a few nice sized Pike just for good measure! Nagagami Lake is one of the few Lakes that continually produce 2 to 4 lb Walleye on almost every cast. I know you remember the 8.4 lb Walleye that Brandon reeled in a couple of years ago and I’ve also seen bigger from some of your other guests. It’s simply amazing the quality and quantity of Walleye that are still in Nagagami Lake! Everyone in our group is in agreement that you have made us feel so much at home each and every time we come, that we will never stray from Timberwolf Lodge. You can always count on us to be there every summer so we can unwind, relax and fish like we never fished before!!

Thank you for everything you do for us and providing a trip of a life time EVERY time we visit. Hope you have a great day and we will see you soon. The countdown is on !!

Regards Lynn


Years of Memories at the Lodge

by Harry Carter

There’s one thing that I appreciate, but it is possible most new potential visitors might not be familiar with this detail. For someone who has not been even as far up north as the lodge he might not realize the length of days. The opportunity to be on the lake from dawn to dusk, with dusk falling sometimes as late as 10 p.m. is to me a perk. For some that simply lengthens the time that they can fish and for others it is the opportunity to see glorious sunsets.

Having the opportunity for about the last 30 years to spend time with my sons and wife at Timberwolf on Lake Nagagami has created many memories for me. Some of those are the struggle with the four of five 20lb pike that I have been lucky enough to catch, the two 10lb Walleye that my wife caught in one afternoon, and the three 24 inch Walleye landed in 45 minutes by a friend. Then of course there was my wife bragging about her Walleye when she got back to the lodge and bragging to other boaters, mostly male.

Fishing has always been fantastic but I also really appreciate the opportunity to spend quiet time out on the lake with safe and sturdy cedar strip boats. Having grown up as a youngster in similar boats it gives me an opportunity to remember my youth.

Coming to Timberwolf is like coming to another home where the hectic activities of day to day living can be forgotten, and the pleasures of immersing myself in a natural setting can be enjoyed.

The Timberwolf Experience

by Tony & The Boys

Timberwolf, just like the name connotes, is a vast area of clean water in which the fish love to play in; you may site an eagle or a bear on the land as well. The land is pure! The fish are healthy! The staff too is hardworking and playful! Great food and hospitality are given at every level. I simply can’t imagine not going back! It is a wonderful trip!


Fishing Nagagami Lake for Over 30 Years

by Tom Deakins

I have been fishing the lake for 30 years. I was not a fan of the idea of a slot limit several years ago when it came out. The truth is the slot limit has worked! The quality of & the size of the fish is as good or better than ever. Slot limits are assuring great fishing for fishermen for years to come. I guess even a old dog can learn a new trick.


Fly Fishing at Timberwolf Lodge

by Planet D (Deb & Dave)

We were greeted by the energetic and welcoming owners, Cindy and Gary Wallace. Their daughter Melissa was up for the summer as well getting ready to take over the family business one day. They took our gear to our cozy rooms that seemed way too nice for a fishing lodge. We were expecting something very rustic, but to our pleasant surprise, it was quite stylish.

Melissa told us that when they bought the lodge eight years ago, the boats were all black from years of neglect. They sanded each and every boat down by hand and now they glisten under the sun while sitting on the water. You can spy a Timberwolf boat from miles away. When flipping through the welcome book at the lodge, we saw that people were catching up to 200 and 300 fish during their 5-day trips — we only caught a couple. (Don’t worry, people weren’t eating 200 fish, there is a daily limit that they strictly adhere to, nobody wants to deplete the fishing stock on this lake)

Timberwolf Lodge offers a fully catered experience. When you get up in the morning, there’s a hearty breakfast waiting for you, and they send out a packed lunch in cooler bags for your day on the water. Once you come back in for a quick dinner break, there’s home cooked food just waiting to be devoured. If you happen to catch anything that day, they’ll put it on the menu tomorrow night if you desire.

If you happen to not feel like fishing one day, you can relax at the lodge as well. There are magazines to read, horseshoes to play and an incredible view to be had on the front porch overlooking the lake. This is a place that is meant for relaxing. I could spend days here enjoying the silence of nature free of distractions like Internet and cell phones. When you come to Timberwolf Lodge, you will be forced to unplug and let the stresses of life melt off your shoulders as you take in the splendour of Mother Nature. Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

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