Fishing Nagagami Lake is simply fantastic. The wide variety of options ensures our guests will have the ultimate Timberwolf ‘fishing experience’. Nagagami not only provides great fishing, it’s beauty and wildlife enhances the wilderness experience. Moose and Bear can quite often be seen walking the shoreline of the back bays and rivers. There is also a large population of Bald Eagles on the lake as well as a variety of Diving Ducks and other waterfowl.


Timberwolf Lodge has huge walleye waiting for your line to cast into Nagagami Lake.

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Northern Pike

Experience a true Northern fishing fight with one of the biggest fish in the lake, the Northern Pike.

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Perch & Whitefish

Perch & whitefish in our lake can be elusive, if you find a school it can be fast & furious.

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Fly Fishing

Nagagami Lake offers fly fishers great fishing for pike, walleye, whitefish and even brook trout.

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Maintaining the exceptional fishing on Nagagami Lake is top priority at Timberwolf Lodge.

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Nagagami Lake

Nagagami Lake is located just 29 km northwest of Hornepayne in Northern Ontario.

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