Nagagami Lake

Nagagami Lake is located in Northern Ontario and is just 29 kilometres northwest of Hornepayne, Ontario, in the heart of Algoma Country. A short float plane ride is the only way to access this little piece of fishing paradise. Nagagami allows our guests the opportunity to experience one of Ontario’s best fisheries. The lake possesses a very healthy ecosystem which produces a huge forage base allowing all species of fish to thrive.

Fish relate to structure and this lake has it all. The northern end of the lake has mostly rock bottom with very dramatic drop offs , humps, points and depths down to 90′. The erratic nature of the structure produces hundreds of holding spots for fish, which are easily found using the depth finders in our boats.

Towards the south, the lake changes with more weed beds, sand mud bottom and gentler slopes. Fish hold on these flat sections where depths range from 10′ – 20′.

To the west the bottom changes again with steeper drops and depths to 50′. There are also 3 rivers to explore and fish . The Foch and Obakamiga (The Buck) flow into the lake and the Nagagami flows out. The opportunity to fish these rivers adds to the wide variety of fishable water to be enjoyed.

Fishing Nagagami Lake is simply fantastic. The wide variety of options ensures our guests will have the ultimate Timberwolf ‘fishing experience’. Nagagami not only provides great fishing, it’s beauty and wildlife enhances the wilderness experience. Moose and Bear can quite often be seen walking the shoreline of the back bays and rivers. There is also a large population of Bald Eagles on the lake as well as a variety of Diving Ducks and other waterfowl.

We offer you the chance to revitalize your soul and melt into the serenity of the northern bush while you enjoy your Timberwolf experience. Come join us at the Lodge this season!

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