Maintaining the exceptional fishing on Nagagami Lake is a priority at Timberwolf Lodge. Our guest that have fished Nagagami for over thirty years constantly tell us the fishing now is better than its ever been. The reason, management of this rich resource so it continually produces the quanity and quality of fish our guests deserve. That is why we encourage all big fish be released. When a large fish is caught, take a picture, measurements¬† or weight , then quickly & gently release it. Let’em go, Let’em grow ! The large fish are usually always female, which are the spawners of the fish of the future.

To help us keep Nagagami Lake great, we suggest all Walleye over 23″ and all Pike over 36″ be released. You can also help when purchasing you fishing license by choosing a Conservation License. If we work together Nagagami Lake will continue to provide outstanding fishing for generations to come.