Fly Fishing

Nagagami Lake offers fly fishers the opportunity for some great fishing for pike, walleye, whitefish and even brook trout. Early in the season you can search the shallows of our numerous back bays and sight fish for pike. Medium sized streamers are best for triggering explosive takes by hungry pike. On the main lake, whitefish are fun to catch on dry flies and put up a solid fight. You can even catch our numerous walleye by using sinking flylines coupled to wooly buggers near shoals and rocky points. In some of our local rivers that you can explore, we have beautiful brook trout that range in size from 2-4 pounds. Dry flies and streamers are ideal for these trout on 4-6 weight rods. Here at Timberwolf Lodge, we are setup to accommodate fly fishers with casting decks easily installed in all our boats for your casting pleasure. With a variety of species available to be taken on the fly, try Timberwolf Lodge as your next fly fishing destination.